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  • SORAYA 46 with Helipad

07 Feb 2018

SORAYA 46 with Helipad

With naval architecture by Meccano Engineering and a modern yet graceful exterior profile by Unielle Yacht Design, SORAYA 46 is a yacht which blends cutting edge design with modern yachting technology.

A well-conceived and spacious interior accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 cabins. The elegant interior decor was developed by Ales Bratina with particular emphasis on maximising natural light and high tech LED illumination.

The vast sun deck incorporates a jacuzzi tub forward overlooking the bow and there is ample seating, sunbathing areas and a full service bar. The well sheltered aft main deck area offers a sky lounge with a large al fresco dining arrangement for 10.

The hydrodynamic shape of the hull and bulbous bow maximises her efficiency, giving the impressive cruising range of 4,500 nm. Her design also incorporates a touch and go helipad which can be hydraulically raised or retracted into the deck and an expansive fold down beach-club.



  • Brand new and ready for delivery
  • Built to RINA commercial class
  • Touch and go helicopter deck on the bow
  • Sub 500 GT
  • 4,500 nm at 12 kts
  • Low fuel consumption of 170 lph at cruising speed
  • Impressive noise and vibrations levels throughout the guest areas




EUR 23,950,000 (USD 26,079,000*)


2014, Gentech, Turkey


46.5m (152.6ft)


9m (29.5ft)


2.5m (8ft)


Twin screw diesel yacht


RINA Charter Sea Area A-3 Hull, LY2


Cayman Islands


2 x 1,300hp Caterpillar


4,500 nm


East Mediterranean




Hull – Steel, Superstructure – Aluminium, Deck – Teak


12 knots


15.5 knots


Unielle Yacht Design


Ales Bratina




5 (3 x Double, 2 x Twin)




Viking SOLAS Rescue tender




EUR 23,950,000 (USD 26,079,000*)


2014, Gentech, Turkey


46.5m (152.6ft)


9m (29.5ft)


2.5m (8ft)


Twin screw diesel yacht


RINA Charter Sea Area A-3 Hull, LY2


Cayman Islands


2 x 1,300hp Caterpillar


4,500 nm


East Mediterranean




Hull – Steel, Superstructure – Aluminium, Deck – Teak


12 knots


15.5 knots


Unielle Yacht Design


Ales Bratina




5 (3 x Double, 2 x Twin)




Viking SOLAS Rescue tender

тсмен Nigel Burgess основал компанию, взяв за основу неизменное



25 May 2017

Events on the French Riviera – 2017


Festival de Cannes

The 70th Cannes Festival will be held in the Palais des Festivals. Professionals of the filmmaking industry and international actors will be there.

17 May to 28  May

The International Music Market.

Important annual gathering of all the professionals of this sector.

06 June to 09  June
Cannes Lions – International festival of creativity

Worldwide gathering of  publicist. Thousands of short films, announcements, posters and other products in the communication sector.

17  June to 24  June
Cannes yachting festival

First European exhibition to be on sea.

The yachting exhibition is one of the most important event of the season for the modern nautical industry.

12 September to 17  September
Tax free world exhibition

The annual international meeting for the duty free industry.

02 October to 06  October

Worldwide leader specialized in audiovisual media for the creation, co-production, seller, buyer, financing, distribution on all the platforms.

16  October to 19  October
Mare di moda

The exhibition Mare di moda is the most famous business session for all the professionals who seek for prestige in the clothing fashion, beach clothing and underwear fashion.

07 November to 09  November
Customer relationship & marketing meetings

The unique exhibition with pre-organized meetings dedicated to guest relations and digital marketing.

08  November to 09  November

The international professional market of the commercial establishment. Discovering new trends and focusing on leisure and innovation.

15  November to 17  November
Finance & HR meetings

upon appointment, concerning the financial market and the human resources department.

22  November to 23  November
Logistics meetings

Top of the range B2B exhibition dedicated to logistics, transports in the event world.

22  November to 23  November
Workplace meetings

The unique business exhibition dedicated to professionals specialized in the workplace environment.

22  November to 23  November

The leader event for professionals dedicated to payment and identity protection.

28  November to 30  November

The International Luxury Travel Market is the major event for the luxury travel B2B industry.

05 December to 07  December

First exhibition dedicated to golf world. Worldwide golf exhibition specialised in B2B where suppliers, buyers and media meet.

11  December to 14  December



16 Feb 2016

Dreamline 34 — The dynamic double-decker from DL Yachts


Dreamline 34 — The dynamic double-decker from DL Yachts

If you’re going to start a shipyard at the tail-end of one of the most traumatic economic episodes the world has ever experienced, when boatbuilders are struggling all around you and order books are bone dry, you’ve largely got two choices: go cheap or go new.

Peter Zuber, founder of Fano, Italy-based DL Yachts, chose the latter option. In teaming up with Enrico Gobbi and his Team for Design studio, Zuber’s ambition was to bring fresh thinking to the sub-50 metre market: bold, striking lines and boats packed with innovative features (including, on the first 34 metre, a lobster tank on the flybridge).

The first yachts out of his sheds were a pair of 26 metre models. Hull one, Miss Anna, touched the water in 2014, the second, 7 Seconds, in mid-August 2015 and a further three – all sold – are in-build. The boat featured here is the flagship, the Dreamline 34, just launched and seen exclusively by Boat International.

Another 34 metre is already in build, and DL Yachts is on the verge of securing the contract for a third, as well as inking a deal on a 30 metre. That’s a total of nine orders in three years. Chapeau.

“Our success lies in the fact that we don’t crib other yards’ products,” the yard’s CEO, Paolo Bencivenni, says. “We have created our own style and we propose customised models that for their level of finishing and features have no competitors in their size range. Experienced owners appreciate these things.”


Article written by Maria Roberta Morso on the 

30 Nov 2015

Customize your Vanquish…

Customize your Vanquish…

Here, everything is possible. From the hull color to the saddlery, you can choose everything. Every Vanquish Yacht is unique and its owner has the right to choose every single details to get a boat who looks like him. Discover now a small part of the possibilities of what you can do with your Vanquish, to sail with style.


09 Sep 2015

Photos de la nouvelle devanture de l’agence de Cannes

04 May 2015

Vanquish Yachts in Yachts and boats

Vanquish Yachts in Yachts and boats

Vanquish Yachts did a release with SY PRESTIGE YACHTS in the magazine «Yachts and boats » (n°159), in the issue of November/December 2014 next to the Cannes Yachting Festival where we were present.

Little throwback to the first VQ43 ever built : the pictures are from the shoot with the sea trials with the team of Yachts and Boats. This white VQ43 since got a complete refit to become silver grey, becoming the one on the advertising page.tPretty good grades for the first VQ43 ever built, and we can’t wait for the next sea trials with the press, to show the progress Vanquish Yachts did on its buildings.

Vanquish Yachts in Yachts and boats was one of the first article in newspapers ever for the young builder, hoping that there will be more and more to come in the future. Link to Vanquish Yachts website

Link to our Vanquish Yachts page

Link to the article

Discover the article and the advertising for Vanquish Yachts and SY Prestige Yachts


04 May 2015

Vanquish Yachts in Moteur Boat

Vanquish Yachts in Moteur Boat

In the issue of November 2014, Vanquish Yachts did a release with SY PRESTIGE YACHTS in the magazine “Moteur Boat” (n°299), in the issue who followed the Cannes Yachting Festival where we were present with Vanquish Yachts.

Link to Vanquish Yachts Website

Link to our Vanquish Yachts page

Discover the article.


22 Apr 2015

Service de maintenance de yachts : Sunseeker 28m

Service de maintenance de yachts : Sunseeker 28m

L’équipe de SY PRESTIGE YACHTS s’est occupée du carénage complet sur un Sunseeker 28m. Elle a également procédé au changement du propulseur de poupe, passant d’un propulseur 12″ à un propulseur 16″.

30 Mar 2015

Building : The first VQ50 by Vanquish Yachts – it takes shape !

Building : The first VQ50 by Vanquish Yachts

The builder Vanquish Yachts launched the building of its very first VQ50. Discover today the first pictures of the evolution of the building of the first unit of this model.


Discover our Vanquish Yachts page

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